Our Vision and Values

Our School’s Vision is ‘Believe, Achieve, Succeed’. 

This vision is based on our belief that each person’s life is a journey which presents many different paths and choices to make. A primary school must do all it can to open more paths for each child and to instil in them the strength of character to know which choices will lead them in the right direction as responsible and active citizens. Therefore, our 3-pronged vision relates to three key areas that will help our pupils to achieve their very best in the future:

Believe: We believe in the children and help them to believe in themselves.

We do this through consistently being the children’s champions, showing that we value them as individuals and giving them opportunities to excel. We spend time helping them to develop self-esteem, a growth mindset and a positive attitude.

Achieve: Our pupils leave us with the knowledge and skills needed for the next stage of their lives.

We teach them the core knowledge that they need to be able to achieve their very best at secondary school and beyond. We provide tailored support to ensure that every child has the environment and help they need to make good progress. We place great importance in the professional development of our staff and in the training of the next generation of teachers to ensure that our pupils get the very best start to their education.

Succeed: Our pupils develop strength of character by living our school values in their daily lives.

Our School Values are the golden thread that runs through every part of our school. They are a key driver in every Learning Experience, in Wild for Learning lessons and in our PSHE curriculum. They also provide a focus for Monday’s Values Assembly and awards presented to the children every Friday. Our values provide us with a shared understanding of what it means to be a member of the Cockington community.

Our School Values

Respectful Ralph Respect: Being kind, thoughtful and considerate of each other and of our surroundings; we understand and embrace the differences within our community.
Aspirational Annie Aspiration: Working hard to meet our full potential. Working hard and striving to be the best we can be; we constantly challenge ourselves to achieve more than we ever thought possible.
Independent Izzy Independence: Having the confidence to make our own decisions; recognising our own abilities, having a go and seeking support when needed.
Creative Colin Creativity: When we are being imaginative, solving problems and thinking of ideas and possibilities; we take risks and use fresh thinking to overcome obstacles.
Collaborative Carmen Collaboration: Working and learning together to achieve a common goal; recognising and celebrating individal strengths and supporting each other.
Persevering Percy Perseverance: The willingness to keep trying even when things are difficult; we never give up and we see mistakes as steps towards our goals.