Learning to Learn

In September, we learned how our brain works, and the power we have to control it. If you are stuck with your remote learning it might be useful to remind yourself how we learn, and remember you just haven't learned it YET!

Episode 1: A Secret about the Brain

A video on growth mindset: http://vid.ly/3c0x2k

Episode 2: Mojo enters a robotics competition and wins an unexpected lesson in the magic of mistakes.

Mistakes are magical! http://vid.ly/8c1n7n

Episode 3: Katie discovers the incredible power of yet from an unexpected source.

”The incredible power of yet”: http://vid.ly/6n0j6o

Episode 4: Katie leads Mojo on a journey to learn from the secrets of the brain from a mysterious guru.

The mysterious world of neurons. http://vid.ly/7n3n7x

Positive thinking

Mojo has an embarrassing slip up and is devastated by what his classmates must think of him. But is the story in his head fact or just his imagination?

Watch the 1st episode here: https://vid.ly/6d3d8d