Online safety for pupils in Key Stage 2

The three videos on this website will help you learn more about staying safe online.

Click here to watch Sam Ellie and Alfie's adventures.


Playing games, chatting and sharing photos and videos can be fun.

If you ever feel worried upset or scared about something that happens online, tell an adult you trust. They will be able to help you. Whatever happened, it's not your fault.

Click here to go to a website with some great advice. Click on the buttons for advice about safe ways to game, chat and share online.


Try playing an online game by clicking here. It is fun but also helps you to learn how to stay safe online.


Are you being bullied online?

If you are being bullied online, tell an adult you trust (parent or teacher) or you could talk to someone at Childline - no worry is too big or small. You can speak to someone on the phone or online. Call 0800 1111 or click here to go to the Childline website.

More help

Talking to a trusted adult can really help.

If you need more help because of something that has happened online - like if someone has tried to make you do something you don't want to do, or said something bad will happen if you don't do what they say - you can get support from CEOP by clicking here.