Read Write Inc. Resources

Please find below some resources to help you when supporting your child through the Read, Write Inc. programme.

A brief overview of the programme structure:

One of the best things you can do to help your child is to learn how we pronounce the sounds in school and replicate this at home.  This short video runs through how to pronounce each sound.  It might take a few watches to learn them all, but it'll make such a difference!

Below are the Speed Sounds Charts.  Your child will learn these as they progress through the programme.  Set 1 and 2 are on the 'simple speed sounds' chart (Set 1 finishes at 'u' and Set 2 starts at 'ay').  Set 3 is the whole of the 'complex speed sounds' chart.  

Here are some great ideas for 'Fred Talk' Games.  Fred is a frog who helps us to teach the phonics lessons in school.  He can only talk in individual sounds (e.g. Fred says d-o-g, he doesn't say 'dog').  The children then help him to 'read the word' and blend it together.  You can play these games at home and when you're out and about by 'Fred Talking' some of the words and helping your child to blend them.

When you're practising writing with your child, you might want to use the same handwriting rhymes that we use at school.  These are in the document below.  We say the rhymes as the children write the letters.  We start each rhyme with 'up we go' for the lead in line and end it with 'off we go' for the final flick.  This helps the children to prepare for joining their letters later on.