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A message from Miss Squires

Hi everyone,

If you are finding that the work provided for your child is particularly challenging for them please feel free to use some of the work provided for a different year group and find below activities that can be used instead of or to supplement the learning.

Pace out the day with lots of breaks and if it all goes into 'educational meltdown' just call it a day.  Its better to be in a happy environment then be stressed out about the correct use of a subordinate clause or a full stop. You are not expected to recreate the classroom.  Remember playing games as a family, arts and crafts and exercise are just as valuable (as is down time for the whole family). 

It may be that you use this time to focus on a skill instead e.g. scissor skills, tying shoe laces, getting dressed in the morning independently, anything that could make your daily routine post lock down easier.

If you need any support  please email and an appropriate person will get back to you.


Miss Squires