School Improvement Plan

School improvement is woven through all that we do at Cockington. Each year, we identify areas to develop in order to further improve the education and support that we provide to our pupils and the wider community. Please see this year’s key priorities below. 

To further benefit from the collaboration and the sharing of good practice we have the Trust-wide Strategic Education Teams. The teams are comprised of leaders from all three schools whose role is to plan and facilitate professional development, cross-school monitoring and moderation and joint action research.

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Return to school response

Provide a structured and safe environment.

Support all children to attend school.

Design and implement a tiered approach to learning and wellbeing to address the needs of all children.

Provide a high quality, accessible remote learning offer in the event of children being unable to attend school.

Curriculum Development

Implement our curriculum skilfully, crafting successful learning opportunities and coherent sequences of learning.

Improve our end of Key Stage outcomes to bring them in line with national expectations.

Support the learning of children with additional needs using a tiered approach to ensure all children are successful.

Developing Learning Behaviours

Consciously develop children’s relationships with self, curriculum and others in the classroom.

Support children who show behaviours that challenge with targeted approaches.

Promote children’s learning behaviours through carefully designed play opportunities.

Improve pupil attainment in writing

Adapt the writing curriculum to meet the needs of the children on return to school.

Develop the use of technology to improve children’s editing, motivation and use of feedback in writing.

Provide modelling and scaffolding to support children in editing and spelling.

Develop our writing moderation practices and shared understanding of writing standards.

Early Years Provision

Draw on the skills and knowledge of new and current staff members to positively impact on the existing provision.

Prioritise the development of communication, language and literacy in our foundation stage to ensure all children are successful.

Fully implement RWI, aligning practice with Key Stage 1 and developing key aspects of phonics with Acorns nursery.

Coast Academies Key Priorities

Develop an IT strategy that will enable schools to use technology with great impact.

Create a shared understanding of teaching, learning and ensure that governance impacts directly on the quality of education.

Craft our shared vision for education around the “golden thread” of a curriculum that is purposeful and develops knowledge and skills coherently.

Grow and develop our MAT to allow us to benefit from the economies of scale as an environmentally responsible organisation.