From the moor and shore that surrounds us to the facilities we have available on our grounds, we're proud to have a dedicated team to ensure that pupils can access these resources and get the experiences they need to thrive.

Our local beach

We use our local area to enhance our curriculum. The beach supports our learning on the Ocean curriculum.

It teaches us that our Oceans are all linked and helps us think about how humans can help the marine life flourish.

Opportunities further afield

We are lucky enough to live in such an amazing area that offers so much for our children to explore. There is an an opportunity for several year groups to visit Brixham to support their learning and enhance the curriculum.

Torquay United

We work closely with our local football team, Torquay United. As part of this partnership, we are able to visit matches and hopefully see them win!

Torre Abbey

Torre Abbey is a historical building that is right on our doorstep. We use this special building to support our curriculum in a variety of ways.

Wild for Learning area

We are very proud of our Wild for Learning curriculum. It gives children a chance to experience new things and learn in different ways.


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