We believe that a school uniform helps pupils to see themselves as part of a community which is proud of itself and its reputation.

The Governors, staff and parents fully advocate a uniform policy for the children of Cockington Primary School.

All children should wear school uniform, which allows them to participate safely and healthily in all school activities. They also need to be prepared to play outside in all weather, therefore it is important that children are equipped with coats and footwear for the rain and cold. In order to reduce the quantity of lost property we ask that all clothing is labelled with your child’s name. Our school uniform supplier can print your child's initials onto items for you.

We believe that our children take pride both in themselves and the school when they are dressed in the appropriate clothes and ready to learn.

All pupils must wear uniform when representing the school at offsite events such as trips unless informed otherwise.

Everyday wear

  • Sweatshirt: Blue, (available with school logo and initials as an option)
  • Trousers/Skirts: Grey/black. All pupils are allowed to wear trousers or shorts
  • Polo shirt: White (available with school logo as an option)
  • Dresses: Blue and white gingham style
  • Fleece: Blue, with zip (available with school logo and initials as an option)
  • Footwear: Children should wear black shoes or smart black trainers without logos and stripes.
  • Only low heeled shoes are allowed.
  • In summer children are welcome to wear sensible sandals and the restriction on colour does not apply, but not “crocs” style.
  • Extras: Blue caps, rucksacks, PE bags and book bags, with logo, are also available

Note: Children may wear award badges as part of their uniform that were presented by the school, such as Dojo stars.

Clothing for Physical Education

  • T-Shirt: White, (option available with logo)
  • Shorts: Plain, black
  • Footwear: Every child must have a change of footwear for P.E. (plimsolls or trainers) However Foundation Stage and Key Stage One will often do indoor PE in bare feet. Trainers are essential for outdoor PE.

In cold weather, children may wear additional fleeces/ tracksuits for PE.

Please mark all items of clothing with your child’s name.

Please note:

  • Children without full PE kit will NOT be allowed to represent the school at festivals and off-site.
  • KS2 children who do not have PE kit for their normal sessions may not be allowed to participate within the activity, they will be able to participate in a less active way e.g. writing the key teaching points on a poster.

The school does not permit

  • Jewellery except for studs. These must be removed or taped for PE
  • Make-up including nail varnish/ polish
  • Tattoos (including the transfer type)
  • High or narrow heeled shoes
  • Unconventional or dramatic hairstyles: added hair colours must be natural and subtle.
  • Skirts and dresses that are significantly above the knee
  • Tops that expose the midriff
  • Hoodies/sweatshirts replacing school jumpers or coats

Children who have shoulder length hair, or longer, may be required to tie it back for health and safety reasons and/or if it obscures the face.

Cockington Primary reserves the right to ask children to change clothing, remove make-up or have a hair style change should this policy be contravened. In this instance, parents will be sent a text informing them and children told that this has happened. Children may be offered spare uniform where possible for return once uniform has been purchased.

All decisions about appropriate uniform and appearance rest initially with the Headteacher, with the full support of the Local Governing Body.

Purchasing school uniform

Our uniform supplier is Riviera Schooldays, 184 Union Street, Torquay, TQ2 5QP

Tel: 01803 293650

Purchased uniform can be collected directly or delivered.



If you need support with purchasing school uniform, our PTA hold a pre owned school uniform sale regularly.

A local charity shop - Caritas, 4 Old Mill Rd, Torquay- also stocks school uniform at a reduced rate.

You can also contact the school for support.


Cockington Primary will consider carefully reasonable requests to vary the policy, in particular to meet the needs of any individual pupil to accommodate their religion or belief, ethnicity, disability or other special considerations.

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