Whether your child is just starting out in Reception or preparing to transition to secondary school in Year 6, we have the expertise, resources, and support to help them reach their full potential.

What people are saying about Cockington Primary School

"I love this school. We have lots of fun things to do, and I love visiting the beach!"

Callum | child

"We are really lucky here to have all the fun games and things to play with at lunchtime."

Oakley | Year 2 Pupil

"Cockington Primary School is a welcoming school. Staff will do anything for the children, who are at the heart of everything we do."

Teacher | Teacher

"Cockington Primary School is a wonderful place to come to everyday. I love working with the children."

Teacher |

What an amazing show! Well done Year 5.

Gen & Olly | Parent

"Thank you very much for your involvement and for your support regarding children who have come from other countries. With your help, the whole of the Cockington teaching staff and the friendly children in the school, my child has integrated nicely into the education system in Great Britain."

Y5 Parent |

"My children are happy at this school, the staff are nice and helpful when needed."

Parent Survey Response | Parent

Thank you to inviting me to the Y5 outcome - it was absolutely amazing!

Y 5 Parent | Parent

"Cockington Primary School has looked after my children well throughout their time."

Karson Camron | Parent

"The children who attended the Torquay United match are a credit to your school the way they behaved. They didn't stop singing despite the bad weather!"

Jo Harris | Community Officer at Torquay United

"The children who came to work with our residents were very respectful. The residents enjoyed celebrating the King's Coronation with them."

Care Home | Care home


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